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cros interested in joining our Contract Affiliate Paralegals (CAPs) program

Credit Repair Organizations (CROs) and Credit Industry Insiders: start increasing revenue and client outcomes today!

If you represent a CRO or any other type of organization with clients that are likely in need of the legal services provided Swift Law North, not only will we help solve their problems for you, we will pay you for the privilege of solving their problems!

In this program we pay CAPs—as hired, 1099 Contractor Paralegals, with advanced training—to underwrite FDCPA claims (debt collection harassment) and FCRA claims (illegal credit reporting), and we pay handsomely for them! With this program, you’ll simultaneously generate better client outcomes—more debt forgiveness, more tradeline deletions, and higher credit scores—AND make more money than is possible on your own via standard repair services. The advantages of working directly with a consumer protection law firm—which you’ll now be able to brag about in your advertising once you are accepted!—cannot be overstated.

Please note that to qualify and to be paid as a CAP partner, you must purchase and complete Level 4 or higher. More information available upon request.