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“I’ve partnered with Swift Law North for the last year by referring my credit repair clients to them and I am, and continue to be, so impressed by them. Aaron and his team are professional, kind and huge advocates for consumers.


“As a credit repair organization, being afforded the opportunity to receive accurate education on the dispute process in a streamlined manner has been monumental in helping my clients. There have been numerous instances in the past where I have reached roadblocks in a client’s file and have known that there had to be someone who could assist them by taking their file to the next level, but I did not have access to reliable, or affordable resources.


“Before Aaron’s program, I didn’t have the education on how to set up the file for the efficacy of litigation. I had bits and pieces of information from various resources that sometimes worked, sometimes resulted in litigation, and sometimes monetarily benefitted my consumer, but there was no consistency or ability to automate the process.


“Aaron and team have provided all credit repair organizations to do what’s in the best interest of our consumers by legally, and accurately implementing a tried and true system with results that not only can help remove derogatory information (where applicable) from their credit reports, but can provide them with compensation, at no out of pocket cost to them. The training alone has been priceless, but the benefit to my clients, who are like my family, has been groundbreaking.”

– Dale Marco, Contract Affiliate Paralegal (CAP) Partner, owner of Credit Repair RX

“My name is Angelo McCutchen and founder of my company “The Faithful Credit Group LLC.” I have been working with Swift Law North for almost a year and we have been able to put over 30 clients into their program!


“I am very excited to see the outcome of the work they will be providing to help my clients improve their credit reports and scores by going after debt collectors and credit bureaus that violate their rights under the FCRA/FDCPA laws.”

– Angelo McCutchen, Contract Affiliate Paralegal (CAP) Partner, owner of The Faithful Credit Group LLC