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Frequently asked questions

Because this industry is littered with charlatans, scam artists, false prophets, credit influencers, and uninformed so-called “experts.” Now is the time to course-correct.

CL101 students will learn from the hundreds (if not thousands) of mistakes we have seen made by “credit repair experts” or even semi-legitimate credit repair companies simply because they do not know what they do not know (which, is usually the foundational laws like the FDCPA and FCRA that govern credit reporting and credit repair).

And worse, these people prey upon Consumers that are already financially strapped, make matters worse in many cases, and make empty guarantees or promises just to sell you other products.

And here is the real secret to success: Litigation Backed Credit Repair based on the teachings and templates of expert attorneys in this field.

What is the purpose of CL101?
Simply put, to teach the fundamentals of the most important Consumer protection laws that provide the best foundation for success in the credit space. To that end, ConsumerLaw101 Scholars will learn the fundamentals of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA), Landlord/Tenant Law, and Auto Fraud/Repossessions!
What sets CL101 apart from its competition?
To be frank, there is no competition. Trust us, we looked. You will not find another course anywhere close to the depth, scope, and simplicity of CL101, and not to mention CL101 coursework is taught by Consumer attorneys with decades of experience including lectures by soon-to-be law professor Aaron M. Swift, Esq.
What's in it for Consumers?

More Tradeline Deletions! More Debt Forgiveness! More Debt Waiver! Higher Credit Scores! And Potentially $$$ Thousands $$$ in Damages!

What's in it for credit professionals?

Everything above for your Consumer clients; PLUS, get paid to work as contract paralegals for Swift Law North and earn a spot to be a preferred Swift Law North Affiliate Partner. SLN Affiliate Partners fully implement the proprietary SLN Litigation Program and earn lots and lots of money by doing so. Not to mention, Litigation-Backed Credit Repair leads to better client outcomes that lead to better reviews and happier clients!